IIA Canada VIRTUAL National Conference - September 14 - 16, 2020

Audit Leadership Event

Audit Leadership Event (ALE)

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Audit Leadership Event (ALE)

Monday, September 14, 2020

“2020 Risk Mindset – Aligning and Optimizing”

“Managing risk is the art of building value while understanding what can be gained or lost from action or inaction, the foreseen and the unforeseen, the planned or the unplanned. Those who know what they don’t know can ask questions. Those who don’t know what they don’t know are paralyzed.”1

Have you considered if the Board’s perspective on risk differs from Internal Audit or the organization’s CEO? Are you aware of the differences or similarities of these perspectives within your organization?  Are these differences creating weaknesses that are disrupting risk strategies?  How can Internal Audit identify the root causes of misalignments to change the way risk management roles operate?.

Join us for a day filled with keynote speakers, thought leaders and audit leaders as they discuss the topics and risks identified in the Institute of Internal Auditors research paper OnRisk 2020: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk. This research paper is a robust and comprehensive view of the top 2020 risks based on the perspectives of key players in the risk management process. This day will not only allow you to see risk through a new lens in 2020, it will also offer you realistic actions to take back to your risk management team (e.g., board, senior management, internal audit).

This Audit Leadership Event may change the way you view and understand risk.  The IIA research paper brings together the perspectives of the board, executive management, and chief audit executives on the risks that are top of mind for 2020 and beyond. While the 11 risks identified in this report are often discussed, it is frequently in the context of avoidance or mitigation. What if we engaged in a conversation about risk as an opportunity?  How does that change our perceptions and actions?  Register now for this event!

“Risk is a thorny word – in its simplest form, it means exposure to danger, but in an organizational or business context, it takes on a much more complex definition.”2

[1]OnRisk 2020: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk – IIA (2019). p.22
[2]OnRisk 2020: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk – IIA (2019). p.3

How the Day Unpacks

Kicking off with our first Keynote speaker!

Estelle Métayer – Competitive and Strategic Intelligence Expert

Organizations invest time and energy on strategy, but beliefs and biases may be hindering success. These blind spots distort our perceptions, Estelle will talk about competitive and strategic intelligence with a focus on how boards, managers and CAEs can build or improve their strategic planning and/or competitive intelligence to avoid blind spots.

Next up, get ready for the panel of insightful leaders!


  • Barry James (Chair of ATB Audit Committee, previous Chair of the Provincial Audit Committee)
  • Christine Maligec (Director, Risk Management, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association)
  • Rob Jacobucci (VP Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit, TC Energy); 
  • Sheila Smigarowski (Sheila Smigarowski Consulting and Coaching); and Moderator

Engaging discussions on the following topics:

  • Strategies to identify risk perception gaps
  • Challenges for internal audit, management, and the Board in working together on risk management, including opportunities
  • Real examples of audit leaders working proactively in these areas

Be inspired by the Closing Keynote!

Adam Legge – Community Leader & Author, Author of “Making Remarkable”, and 18th President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce

How can we transform our functions and organizations to improve performance?  Adam will set out ideas for transformation and exceptional performance. He will share his experiences of guiding organizations to places of greater impact and renewed relevance and relate these to the opportunities Boards, Management and CAEs have to optimize risk. Adam has spent over two decades building and leading high-performance teams and organizations in business, public policy and economic development. He is a life-long student of economics and history and believes strongly in the ability of a team to create something remarkable.